New Trainee Business Developer for London Cool Head Office 

Our Head Office based in Crawley has a new Trainee Business Developer, Ivo, who has written about  his first week with them and his first trip (one of many) into London as he accompanied one of London Cool’s colleagues on his deliveries around the capital. 

‘We were pleasantly surprised to find that the traffic in West London was relatively light and we arrived by Marylebone Station in good time.

We were delivering an Avalanche  portable split type air conditioner unit  to a prominent firm of  architects as they needed additional cooling in their server room. Unloading one of these powerful units was a lot easier than I anticipated, although the condensers are very heavy. Carrying it looks easier than it is too.

After checking that the customer was happy with our setting up of the air conditioning unit, we made our way to London EC4.  An online food company needed portable cooling  equipment in their offices as their fixed air conditioning needed urgent maintenance and repair, proving that even in the most modern offices regular servicing  is necessary to keep a cooling system working at optimum level.. 

We were given visitor passes and made our way up to a beautiful reception area with a mix of industrial and modern architecture, which was interesting  for us as every pipe was visible in the ceiling.   We were given a brief tour of their offices before  we carried out our free site survey in the  rooms that required emergency temporary cooling.

The rooms had large glass walls and, as the doors couldn’t be left open we recommended evaporative coolers.  Other types of portable air conditioning units need to be vented to allow warm air to escape.

As part of becoming a great Business Developer, it is important to know every aspect of the business, so this has been a really good learning experience for me.’

It is planned that Ivo will continue his training with a visit to our offices here in Birmingham and we look forward to meeting him soon.